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  • 05 December 2017

    Canyon de Chelly
    Ancient Canyon Tours

    3 hours minimum
    $40 an hour
    Max 10 people per guide
    Over 10 people, an additional guide is needed
    Group Tours: 8 or more people, $30 per person
    Bring gear for backcountry hiking
    Private 4x4 Tours into Canyon De Chelly
    or Canyon Del Muerto
    3 hour tour
    1- 4 people $225.00
    5 people and up $60.00 per person
    $55 per hour after the first 3 hours.

    Overnight Camping
    Reservations required
    $40.00 an hour
    Minimum of 10 people per guide
    Over 10 will need additional guide
    $30.00 overnight fee for guide
    $50.00 land fee for each night you stay
    Prepare gear for back country camping
    Call or email for more information



    Rim Tours
    Bus Tours

    Call or email for more information


    Trail Conditions
    Moderately and Strenuous terrain, lower canyon are 3 - 4 hours, and higher canyon are 4 - 9 hours. Trail conditions can change due to weather, at anytime.

    The Navajo Reservation observes Daylight Saving Time.
    " Please check your time."

    Ancient Canyon Tours is a Navajo Owned Business.

    Permits issued by Permits Issued by Navajo Nation Park Recreation Department must be signed by group leader and guide. Tours begin when the permit is signed and ends when group is out of Canyon De Chelly. Without this permit you cannot enter the Canyon. The only trial open to the public is White House Trail. All guides are authorized by the Navajo Nation Park Recreation Department.
    Navajo Nation Park and Recreation Department: Charges a $2 fee, per person, and per day.

    No Pets Allowed in the Park.

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